All the revolutionary technologies that will be used at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

No World Cup has been hosted in Arab countries so far, but the 2022 Football World Cup will be hosted by Qatar for the first time. Ahead of FIFA 2022, Qatar is making various preparations to welcome visitors.

Apart from all the great technology showcases that you can expect from this world-class football tournament like the stadium, the atmosphere in Qatar, and the overall atmosphere, you will witness many more great technologies. Which will be part of the entire World Cup 2022.

FIFA gives commitments to using the full potential of technology in football in a vision of 2020-2023. FIFA is able to bring this vision to life at the FIFA World Cup 2022 by implementing and leveraging various technologies to improve the football experience of football fans.

Semi-automated Offside Technology

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FIFA has announced a semi-automatic offside technology for the next World Cup in Qatar. this technology will be a support tool for referees to make accurate, faster, more reproducible offside decisions.

The new technology will have a sensor inside the Al Rihla ball with 12 tracking cameras around the stadium to track the ball’s movement from anywhere. Additionally, fifty times per second will track each player through twenty-nine data points and the video assistant will provide an automatic offside warning to the referee. This will result in more efficient offside calls by referees.

A revolutionary World Cup ball

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Al Rihla, the official Adidas match ball for Qatar 2022 will be equipped with advanced Technology which will relay real-time data to VAR officials. The ball will have a motion sensor in the center of the ball that will collaborate with the new Semi-automated Offside Technology.

Advanced Stadium Cooling Tech

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When Qatar was awarded the 2022 word cup, it promised an air-conditioned Stadium to keep players and fans cool.

The stadiums are designed with cooling technology to ensure the correct temperature of the field and the spectator area at an optimum temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius. It is approximately 40% more durable and energy-efficient than conventional cooling techniques. Another great technique of this intelligent cooling technology is that it can control the temperature based on the number of people in the stadium. So regardless of the outside temperature, the players and spectators at the stadium will be in a comfortable environment as the cool air flows through the specially designed nozzles.

Also according to FIFA, the air in the stadium will be regularly cleaned and purified.

Fully demountable stadium

Stadium 974 is a fully demountable venue and it will destroy after the world cup is finished. the shipping containers and modular frames have been used to construct this stadium. this is a unique design that makes the Stadium Visually appealing.

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