Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ goal Ball is up for auction

1986 World Cup

When talking about Diego Maradona, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Hand of God’. In the 1986 World Cup quarter-final against England, the Argentine legend scored a goal with his hand avoiding the eyes of the referee. The “Hand of God” was the term Maradona later used to describe the goal.

The historic goal’s ball is currently up for auction. At the auction held in November, it’s anticipated that the ball will fetch between 2.5 million and 3 million pounds.

The “Hand of God” goal by Maradona is one of the most divisive topics in football history. The best goalie in football history used his hand to trick English goalkeeper Peter Shilton.

There are numerous justifications for and against this objective. The goal, according to Maradona, was “symbolic retribution” for the Falklands War. Once more, the majority of English speakers refer to this objective as “Jochchuri.”. However, despite all the arguments, Maradona’s goal has a special status in football. And so it is natural that people will be interested in the ball of the goal.

The ball of Maradona’s historic goal is now reserved for the referee of the match, Ali Bin Nasser. The Tunisian referee said that he did not notice the decision to give a handball goal. He relied on the linesman for the decision. His decision caused a storm of controversy in the football world, but after the match, Bin Nasser kept the ball in his collection.

The ball will be auctioned off as a football historical monument 36 years after that happened. On November 16, Graham Budd will manage the auction. Bin Nasser stated, “The ball is part of international football history,” in reference to the ball’s auction. I believe that now is the appropriate time to hold up the issue in front of the globe. I’m hoping the buyer will set up a public presentation of this ball.

However, the match is not only famous for ‘Hand of God’. Maradona also scored ‘the best goal of the century’ or ‘goal of the century’ after scoring a goal with a single effort. Earlier, the jersey from that match was sold at auction for $9.3 million.

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