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We at provide a guide to live sports on TV mainly in the US. Our site utilizes cookies to make run efficiently and provide you with a better browsing experience. Our Privacy Policy elaborates on how the info we collect is utilized when the you visit

Non-Sensitive Information

Our site gathers analytical and statistical info from visitors with the help of cookies. The information we collect via cookies is data that cannot be used to reveal an individual’s identity, the info we collect consists of time zone, location, data and device regarding how traverse our site. With the help of Google Analytics, we monitor how people access and navigate our website and collect reports on their activity.

What type of Info We Collect

When going through the registration process, you are required to submit personal information in order to successfully create an account on which may include but not limited to:

  • Contact info
  • Email
  • Sensitive info

What We Do With Your Email

With the General Data Protection Law, we’re always trying to update and review the policies so, we’re dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s to make it iron clad. We want to keep you in the loop by providing the most recent updates and news related to our most recent promotions, best offers, and other useful bits of useful information. 

Also, if for any reason you’re not interested in receiving these types of information in the form of emails in your inbox, you can opt-out from them via a link provided within the email.  Don’t worry though, if at any point you change your mind you can opt back in to receiving our promotions via email at any time again.

How We Utilized Your Private Data

We utilize your private data to ensure with the best experience, all the while making sure we meet the legal obligations, regulatory requirements, and business-related requirements as well. Your personal info is used for the purpose of:

  • Catering to your preferences and profiling
  • Regulatory and legal obligations
  • Making sure our site provides the user with the best possible experience while identifying any technical issue will use your personal data to create features, improve functionality, tailor products and services to give you the best experience. Also, this will help ensure us that:

  • Promotional offers that you may receive are tailored to your preferences
  • To provide better technical assistance which caters to the device you’re using our platform on
  • Providing optimal customer that is in line with the customer’s jurisdiction

Is Your Information Shared?

We at work along with a select few third-party companies to provide you our services. These companies process the data we have on our behalf and that’s why we provide access to it if the need arises. We do our utmost to make sure your privacy is kept safe so, the companies we work with from their end have security measures installed. The purpose for our employment of third-party companies are:

  • Service to be provided on our behalf
  • Facilitating our service
  • To provide assistance in analyzing how our services are utilized; and
  • Performing service-oriented tasks.

Companies we’re working with won’t disclose the data they’re processing. The companies we’re affiliated with and their privacy policies are listed down below:

How Your Personal Data is Stored is primarily situated in Dhaka and your personal data is kept on our servers which is located in New York City. Since we work with third-parties, the data that’s collected might be stored, transferred to, a location that’s outside NYC. There’s also a chance the data might be processed by personnel who are operating outside NYC who’re working for one of our suppliers or us directly. These personnel are more or less engaged in customer service, risk/fraud management, and the processing of your payment details etc.

Your data is stored as long as you’re an active patron of our services. Once you are no longer a member, we’ll hold onto your private data on our servers for as long as possible to maintain our legal obligations within the jurisdiction you’re in. These usually are imposed by tax, AML, and gambling laws

What You can Do With Your Personal Info

We are here to help you if you choose to exercise your rights over your private info, which includes:

  • Filing a complaint with any relevant Data Protection Authority
  • Withdrawing your information at any time when we might have asked for it, although this won’t invalidate the instances when we were given permission from your end in terms of data processing
  • Correcting any personal info that might be incorrect or out of date
  • Accessing your private data that we’re processing/holding onto
  • Restricting the use of your private info in certain situations when
  • Erasing of any private info that we have processed
  • Being able to object to us processing your data for our legitimate interests
  • Requesting us to allow you to share your personal info with another company you vouch for or you personally, with a certain aspect of your private data. Also known as “the right to portability”
  • The power to contest a decision made by automated processing, expressing your opinion to require the decision to be reviewed

Alterations to our Privacy Statement

If any alternations are made to the Privacy Policy, we will inform you beforehand via email, any other agreed communication channels, or by a notice on our website. We’ll provide an advance notice to the changes taking place, giving you ample time to understand and consider the changes before they are finalized.

We won’t be forcing any changes to the Privacy Policy without your consent first. If you decide to decline the changes to our Privacy Policy or don’t accept the alternations within the given time, we might not be able to provide you with the same services and products as before.

What’s The Purpose Of A Cookie?

The cookie we collect is basically a text file that collects and stores information while you’re browsing the web. The purpose of cookies is to improve your surfing experience, they remember specific interests and save most of your preferences.

We’re utilizing cookies to collect non-sensitive information while respecting your privacy on and keeping track of stuff such as the pages you’ve visited on the site, the type of browser you’re using, and the times you’ve visited the site.

Cookies can however be disabled if you alter browser settings and clear the cookies. Although, if you do decide to not have cookies, you won’t be able to enjoy the site to its fullest extent. When you accept our disclaimer on cookies, you are consenting to the processing of your information to the reasons mentioned above. We won’t resell or disclose the collected cookie data to third-parties.

Cookies And Their Types

Permission for cookies is the first thing you’ll receive when accessing our site and when you have no prior cookies stored as this is the first time you’re accessing the site. The cookies we use on can be broken down into five categories:

  1. Session Cookie: These cookies start doing their job when you’re browsing through our website. They are needed for our site work correctly and with optimal efficiency, these will be deleted when you turn off your browser. If you want, you can decide to not have these cookies but they will affect your overall experience.
  2. Analytic Cookies: This cookie holds your non-sensitive data related to visits to our site and your habits in terms of surfing. The use of this info is basically for statistical analysis so our site can work on improving experience, research trends, and help detect technical shortcomings. No data here can be used to identify the user.
  3. Functional Cookies: This saves your settings and personal preferences that will be used as a outline in terms of what sort of information we showcase to you on our website. During the time of your revisit, our services will try to recover the cookie to provide you with an experience that’s directed catered to you.
  4. Fraud Prevention: The purpose of these cookies is simply to help us make sure fraudulent activities on our site are not happening.
  5. Third-Party Cookies: We’re occasionally selling advertisement space on our site. So, the advertisements taking place often contain some third-party cookies to acquire non-sensitive data, such as the number of times the banner has been viewed or the times the page has been visited, this also gives us the ability to determine the overall effectiveness. The cookies don’t contain any sort of information that might identify you and this is completely anonymous.

We at every now and then, use a handful of carefully picked third-party analytical and/ or tracking cookies to help us improve the site and’s overall experience for its users.

The links provided on our site to third-party websites it’s important to keep in mind that those sites have their own privacy policies and cookies that will store or regulate any information you might submit. If any advert strikes your interest and you decide to browse their site, please read their privacy policies and cookie info before deciding to submit any of your personal data.

How To Manage Cookie Settings?

A lot of web browsers give you the option to manage your cookie preferences. You can alter these preferences to delete or refuse certain cookies. Please keep in mind that if you opt out of certain cookies, your experience on could be hampered. For additional info on how to deal with cookies, visit

Contact Information

We at dispatch newsletters, promotional content, and email reminders to our users who have given us their email address. We only reach out to individuals who have opted to receive our newsletters and we also have a “unsub” link given in that mail so you can opt out at any given time.

Changes to Policies

Our Privacy Policy may be subjected to change every now and then or updated. Any sort of changes will be mentioned on this page. Please keep in mind that we don’t use cookies for anything other than what is stated above, and we’ll never indulge your private data or cookies to third-parties.