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The terms and conditions regarding SoccerToday.co will give you the rundown of how you can use our services within lawful means.

We at SoccerToday.co provide a real-time TV listings platform for US residents and we operate from Bangladesh. We’re a company that specializes in media services aimed towards a sports centric demo graph. We make our revenue from affiliate marketing along with advertising by generating traffic for our carefully selected and respected partners. Please take a moment to read through the information carefully. When you enter our site, you’re confirming that you agree to our terms of agreement for usage. Please refrain from entering our site if you are not okay with our terms of usage. You can take a moment to take a look at our Privacy Policy to find out how we’re handling your sensitive data and how we utilize cookies for our site and what they do.

Content On Our Site

The initial content we provide in terms of general and informative info is free of charge and anyone can access it. We urge everyone to NOT use this content for activities that are considered illegal.

We strive to deliver real-time TV listings for the US users while maintaining accuracy and quality. Although, our content is provided for the purpose of being informative, viewer discretion is advised. Since we provide our services via third-parties like online streaming services and TV channels, the content might be subjected to change at any time on our site.

We’re frequently modifying our features, implementing changes to our design, and introducing new content to our site; however, we can’t promise there won’t be a few bugs every now and then during that time. The content that’s provided might become outdated at any time, and it’s important to mention that we’re not legally obligated to update it when that happens.

Limitation Of Our Liability

We at SoccerToday.co will not be liable for any damage or loss any user face by using our site and we won’t be responsible issues that may arise from:

  • Being unable to use our website
  • Any type of loss related to sales, profits, revenue, and business
  • Losing reputation, business opportunities, and goodwill

Our Rights on Intellectual Property

SoccerToday.co is the sole owner of the intellectual property or licensee rights for our site and all the content that is published here. Our content guarded by treaties from the are you’re accessing our site from and also has copyright laws in place for further safety.

So, you are not to use any of our content for commercial gain. By using our site you hereby agree to NOT use our site for business purposes or commercial gain and that we’re not liable for business or loss of profit.

We are completely within our rights to deny any requests you might submit to remove content unless it goes against any privacy or international law and also if it seems false, discriminatory, or unethical.

Virus and Malware Protection

Users are responsible for their own protection against things like malware and viruses as we’re not able to guarantee that they’ll be protected from such issues.

If any issues occur from viruses, technological harmful material, denial-of-service attack, that may or may not damage your computer programs, data, computer equipment, or other proprietary material while downloading or using our site, or any websites that are linked to our site, we are not liable for it.

We will not tolerate the misuse of our site, knowingly compromising our site in any way. and the implementation of malware. If you are caught doing anything illegal, the proper authorities will be alerted and your rights to using our site will be immediately shutdown.

External Sources & Links

The links provided by third parties on our site that redirect you to other domains and resources are for informative purposes only. We are in no way liable for any damage or loss that might occur from your use of these links.

SoccerToday.co has the right to market content that relates to gambling centric activities and also encouraging users to indulge in safe entertainment. We’re promoting legitimate gambling that will boost a user’s sports content viewing experience. But this will not compromise the base excitement you get from the live sports events.

Since we feature a lot of gambling merchants, we take responsibility to guide our users so, they can fully enjoy the legal and secure sources of online gaming without any issues. Although, we will not be held liable if any users might experience losses due to their gambling activities.

Users are allowed to link our site only when it’s done in a legal and fair way, that doesn’t damage our reputation or take advantage in any way.

You mustn’t link our site in a website that you don’t own or unlawfully associate this site to you without being approved from our end. We hold the rights to withdraw linking permissions at any given time without notice.

Our terms may be revised at any time by amending this page. Please check frequently for updates to our policy. If you’d like to contact us, visit our contact page.